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Dairy "La Latteria" today

The social dairy “La famigliare” is located in Correggio, near Reggio Emilia, right in the center of Parmigiano Reggiano production area.
The King of cheeses is exclusively created in five italian areas: Parma, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Bologna (on the left side of Reno river) and Mantova (on the right side of Po river). Nowadays the ten milk productors associates are located in the bordering areas of Correggio. 60 000 quintals of produced milk correspond with 32/33 wheels in a day.

We made the milk as it used to be created in the past, taking care of every single process of our products: the nutrition of cows, the cheese making and the selling. Our goal is distinguish ourself for quality and uniqueness, keepind the cheese making process as much traditional as possible.
For this reason our administrative committee took two important decision:
• Associates have to feed their cows with local hay and high quality flour without using unifit;
• We choose to keep our salty system open aired unlike the most modern immersion systems.
Periodically an external lab analyses the milk of our associates to verify the goodness and to control the correct nutrition of cows.

For all our products we use only the Parmigiano Reggiano milk made in our sheds, which has no additive nor preservatives.