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Our story

Dairy “La famigliare” has been founded in 1949, when some associates of a prior dairy decide to create a new and more modern company.
The real beginning starts only in 1955 due to some opening problems.
Full production starts the following year with more than 50 associates and just 5 years later is necessary to redouble the building dimensions to accommodate new associates.
Until 1985 10.700 quintals of milk are worked, which are 1800 wheels in a year.
The following years are the decades of fusions: dairy of Lemizzone, Budrio of Correggio (1989), San Michele of Fossa di Bagnolo (1994), Osteriola of Rio Saliceto (1997) and San Martino Piccolo of Correggio (1999) are absorbed by the company; also most of Fazzano (1986), Fosdondo (1987)and "Il Correggio" dairies associates join La famigliare dairy after their company closing.
In those years some technical improvements are necessary to work more milk: boilers are increased from 7 to 14 and a new carrying system is inserted to transport milk easily in the tanks. Also a new 600 wheels capacious salty room, a 4000 wheels ample warehouse and a cheese washing machine are added.
In 1989 Cheesemaker Graziano Subazzoli takes office. Nowadays he still fulfills this role.
In the early 2000s the number of boiler increases to 17 and a fresh-cheesmaking lab is inserted: this is an important innovation for the company because the products range raise with the addition of ricotta, caciotta, melted cheese, yogurt and panna cotta.
In 1999 the first shop of dairy "La Latteria" opens in Carpi, in the area of Modena, and in 2002 an other one is opened in Zappiano, at the place of old Zappiano dairy.
In 2006 a third shop is inaugurated in Campogalliano town, useful to the citizens because is located in the town center and not in a traffic road.
Our company always had a parsimonious management, the 13 to 2 decrease of Correggio dairies in twenty years proves it.